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Beach Weddings

Fabulous Beach Wedding Ideas You Won't Find Elsewhere

By Wendi Garcia

Many brides dream of having a beach wedding. Some think that the beautiful velvety sky and the clear turquoise waters will provide an enticing backdrop for the event. Some love how beach weddings are relaxed, laid-back, and casual. Others, meanwhile, want to have a beautiful but inexpensive wedding that would not cause them to break the bank.
Whatever your reason is for wanting to become a dreamy beach bride, you would love these fabulous beach wedding ideas that would make your big day truly one-of-a-kind.

Beach Wedding Themes

One of the first things you have to decide is the theme. Yes, beach is already a theme but you can have a more specific theme that would make the planning easier and the event unique. Your choices include Hawaiian, tropical, Caribbean, surfer, or nautical. For a Hawaiian wedding, have the groomsmen don floral shirts and the girls wear lei as headdress. A surfer themed wedding can be decorated with surfboards and other surfing related items.


Instead of sending the usual paper and envelop invitation, why not send out faux starfish, shellfish or a pair of flip flops to hold a scroll of paper containing important details about your wedding. If you want to give DIY invitations, try this technique: start by spreading glue evenly on a piece of cardstock; sprinkle colored sand until the area is covered; finally, write the details of the wedding using a glitter pen.

Beach Bridal Wear

Instead of wearing stilettos, which can prove to be a big problem when walking on sand, you can slip into flip-flops, wear foot jewelry, or go barefoot while treading down the aisle.


Grilled meat and tropical fruits are a favorite during beach occasions. For your beach wedding, try serving a variety of delectable kabobs (vegetables, fruits, beef, chicken, squid, fish, and so on). Cake flavors can be pineapple, mango, or key lime. Fruit slush and smoothies are wonderful choices that the guests can drink to cool off. Anything tropical and beach-y are good choices.

Beach Wedding Favors

Some of your best choices include a palm leaf fan, miniature beach chairs, miniature lanterns, starfish candles, mason jars wrapped with raffia, and many more.


Instead of the usual wedding march, the bride can walk down the aisle to a reggae beat. Alternatively, musicians playing steel drum and bamboo flutes will be a creative approach.


  • A red carpet is a staple in weddings but instead of this, lay out petals of red flowers or roses in lieu of the carpet.
  • String garlands of coral or shells to decorate the chairs on the beach.
  • Fill up a galvanized bucket with shells, starfish and other wonderful beach finds and use as table centerpiece.
  • Put large driftwoods around the reception venue and decorate these with candles. Use candles that have tropical fruit scents like papaya, mango or kiwi.
  • Make use of grass skirts to line up the base of the couple's wedding table. Hang beach lanterns on the arch above the couple’s table. Just be sure that all of the lanterns are securely attached.

    Planning a beach wedding can be so much fun. Aside from not being restricted to the formalities of a church wedding, you also get to incorporate these fantastic ideas and even come up with your own.

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