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Bridesmaid Gifts


Finding the perfect bridesmaidís gift is often a daunting task. Take the time to really think about what would be meaningful, not only to you, but also to your bridesmaids. The appreciation that you are showing for all of their help and support with the perfect thank you gift should be sweet, simple, and meaningful.

Begin your shopping early to find the perfect personalized bridesmaidís gift. Personalized does not necessarily mean that the gift is monogrammed or engraved with the bridesmaidís name. Rather, it means that the gift has been carefully thought out, selected, and purchased.

The perfect gift to say thank you with will have special memories attached to it. For years to come, the gift will be cherished fondly as a reminder of the wonderful friendship and camaraderie experienced during this momentous time. A gift that has been selected with the bridesmaid in mind will be treasured more than a gift that has been selected on the basis of expense or affectation.

One of the most popular trends in bridesmaidís gifts is to pair a necklace and earrings together for the bridesmaids. So many styles and colors are available that the perfect combination is readily discovered. Quite often, the bride will opt to select an ensemble that the bridesmaids can wear on the day of the wedding. Matching gemstones to the color of the bridesmaidís dresses is a fashionable practice. Likewise, personalizing the jewelry by giving each bridesmaid a jewelry ensemble with her birthstone is considered quite chic.

Petite chandelier earrings paired with the perfect necklace present an attractive picture. Likewise, illusion wire necklaces that attractively show off delicate pearls or fragile gemstones create a seductive look. Sterling silver remains a classic choice- one that is always appreciated for its elegant look.

Another popular choice is a necklace designed with a pendant with a leather cord instead of a chain. The cord can be died to match the color of the bridesmaidís dress. Monogrammed jewelry, inscribed with the name of the bridesmaid and the date of the wedding, remain a fashionable choice as well.

Personalizing each gift is a simple task with a little careful thought and planning. The art of monogramming has developed into a full fledge service with monogramming occurring on all types of products. Handbags, footwear, totes, leather gifts, key rings, photograph albums, and trinket boxes are among the most popular items to monogram.

Bridesmaid gifts can be theme oriented to match the theme of the wedding. Beach weddings are a very trendy wedding theme and personalized flip flops, tote bags, and beach chairs are quite the rage as bridesmaidsí gifts. In fact, the tote bag can be used to hold a monogrammed towel in addition to the flip flops.

Glassware is another trendy gift idea and includes such choices as Pilsner glasses, toasting glasses, and bud vases. These can be etched with individual names and dates to further personalize the thank you. Custom mason jars and ceramic mugs etched with special quotes or personalized with names are coming into vogue as thoughtful thank you gifts as well.

Combination gifts have also risen up on the ladder of gift ideas.

  • Presenting each bridesmaid with an embroidered purse, chic evening bag, or fashionable handbag that has a personalized compact mirror, key chain, or key ring frame inside of the bag offers an array of gifts that is sure to please.
  • Personalized stationary, a ballpoint pen with a dangling heart, and a classy letter opener is a gift that is sure to be used frequently.
  • Monogrammed spa slippers, spa kits, and a day at the spa coupon offer an entire day of pampering for the deserving bridesmaids.
  • Cosmetic bags, a cologne or perfume set, and a gown shaped sachet provide delicate or heady scents that will create lingering memories.
  • A comb, brush, and mirror set coupled with a jewelry or trinket box sets the stage for beauty revival.
  • Ceramic trinket boxes with pretty enamel flowers, a locket, and a small picture frame are pretty and sentimental in flavor.

The perfect bridesmaidís gift is a cinch with a little thought and effort. Since everything gets hectic as the wedding approaches, the best time to think about these gifts is when you make your selection of the bridesmaids. A simple gesture with a sweet intention and a meaningful slant makes the best gift of all.

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