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Avoid Being a Bridezilla

Keep Yourself From Turning into Bridezilla

By Lynn Lopez

The TV show Bridezilla may be a little too over-the-top sometimes, but there’s truly a reason why the term ‘bridezilla’ was coined in the first place. Some women have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were little girls and have everything planned down to the very last detail. Because it’s been a lifelong dream, they definitely want everything to be perfect and will mow down everything that threatens to wreck all the plans. No wonder brides tend to keep a very close eye and a tight rein on everything related to the big day, from the dress to the flowers to the food and the music—and even the size and weight of your bridal party.

Wedding days—and the months leading up to them—are very major causes of stress, and turning into Bridezilla will make things even worse. Not only will you be giving yourself a major headache by being obsessive and insisting that everything be under your total control, you may also alienate your friends, loved ones, or even your fiancé. This can especially if they try to help out and you end up turning on them and berating them for not doing things perfectly, or the way you want it to be.

Don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to help you loosen up, and still make sure that your wedding preparations and the day itself will go smoothly.

  • Delegate. But before doing so, you should make sure that you’re passing on the duties to the people who really know your tastes and are good at what they do. Talk to the people you’re appointing to certain tasks so they know exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Get professional help. Yes, you need the p-word: a planner. A wedding planner can be your best friend during this very trying time in your life, and he or she can really make the whole process easier as long as you understand each other.
  • Don’t pick at the little details. You may know the difference between this or that lace pattern or the fact that your bouquet has only 19 roses in it instead of the 20 you requested, but chances are the other guests won’t even notice the errors you’re worried about. Unless it’s something major like a catering foul-up, for example, there is no need to subject yourself to any more stress.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit that you can’t do everything. As much as you’d like to be in total control, it’s not going to be healthy to supervise all aspects of the preparation even if you’re already exhausted and on the verge of cracking due to all your responsibilities.
  • Make time to avoid doing anything related to the wedding. Taking one day off from planning the big event won’t make the world crash around your ears. In fact, it can even help you gain some perspective or give you some new ideas.
  • Relax! You should realize that apart from the most carefully crafted details, even all the little imperfections can help make your big day unique.

Most importantly, you need to remember that it’s not the wedding that’s the most important thing you should focus on. An imperfect wedding day shouldn’t affect your relationship. What counts most is your marriage and that you’ll be spending the rest of your life with the one you love.

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