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Castle Wedding

By Ana Lorenzo

Get Married in the Castle of Your Dreams

You've always wanted to be a princess and now you're marrying your real-life prince.
Why not start your life together in the most romantic venue possible? A castle!
There are many castles that you can choose from. Whether you have an intimate wedding for close friends and family or a grand ceremony for hundreds of guests, you'll be sure to find a suitable venue. Read on to find the castle of your dreams.

Dalhousie Castle
Dalhousie Castle in North Edinburgh dates back to the 13th century. It is surrounded by acres of forest, parkland and river pastures yet it offers the luxury of modern day amenities. Your wedding guests can stay at the castle itself and make use of its facilities such as a spa.

Dalhousie Castle has its own private chapel and vestry. The terrace doors of the chapel lead to a patio with a view of verdant Scottish parkland and the South Esk River. One unique service that Dalhousie Castle offers is ring delivery by falcon owls. Dalhousie Castle has its own falconry owls. It also has its own photographers and ceilidhs or celebrations. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind Scottish wedding at Dalhousie Castle.

Castle wedding

Castle at Taunton
The Castle at Taunton in England is a romantic 44-bedroom castle hotel. It has two rooms, which are perfect for civil wedding ceremonies. The Moat Room on the ground floor can accommodate small weddings of up to 30 guests. The Music Room on the first floor can hold up to 100 guests. Dalhousie boasts of a rose garden, which will be a good venue to take romantic wedding pictures. It also has other gardens. Taunton castle staff is ready and willing to help you with your dream wedding.

Lough Cutra Castle and Estate
Lough Cutra Castle and Estate in Ireland has a long history stretching back to 866 AD. You can find remains of old churches, cells and monasteries. There are also relics of stone alters on islands in the lake. Lough Cutra Castle has a history that goes back to the Tuatha Da Danaans.

For weddings, Lough Cutra Castle can be rented for a nightly or weekly basis. While it does not have an in-house caterer, the staff will be happy to recommend a local caterer for you. Lough Cutra Castle can accommodate up to 180 guests. Your wedding reception will be held in the Saloon and Dining Room, which is linked by two large double doors. These rooms boast open fireplaces, paintings, period furniture and architectural touches. Your guests can dance the night away at the Main Hall. They can also kick back at the Gough room or look at the castle’s 1000-acre lake by strolling onto the terrace.

Lough Cutra is still privately owned and a family home. Thus, it is only available for about eight functions a year. This ensures that guests will enjoy a private and exclusive event.

These are only three of the many castles that you can choose from for your wedding. You can find the perfect castle for your wedding with a little search. You'll feel like a princess as you walk down the aisle.

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