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Cheap Wedding Invitations

By Honeyleth O. Firmalo

Wedding Invitations for the Budget Savvy

Wedding invitations are one of the essential aspects in preparing for a wedding. There is nothing wrong with wanting to save money as long as you do not sacrifice tastefulness and suitability. The two most popular ways to prepare the wedding invites is to avail of a printing service or to do it yourself.

Printing Service

Many printing services are available in your area as well as online. Here are things that you need to remember so you can minimize your expenses.

Check out different suppliers. Stationery stores are not the only sources of invitation items. Go to an office supply or warehouse store and see if you can find something that you can use. You can also go through mail-order catalogs and browse through online stores for affordable materials.

Shop around for package deals. Buying items like envelopes, paper, response card, and other items separately can become expensive. Check out stationery stores about the deals they are offering when you buy an invitation package. Also, inquire about other discounts that may be available to you.

Look into different types of printing. In the past, engraved wedding invitations were all the rage and it was not surprising because the invitations looked elegant and beautiful. The problem with this type of printing is the high cost. As an alternative, thermographic printing can help produce similar result for less. If you are having a casual wedding, laser printing is acceptable for making cheap wedding invitations.

Keep it simple. Refrain from using too many frills and designs like lace, several layers of paper, ribbons, and other embellishments because their cost will add up. You might also be charged with additional fees for the assembly.

Use postcards. No, the postcards will not be for the invites but for the RSVP. The postcards will help you save on postage.

Verify all information. The invitations should contain information such as the names, date, time, venue, and RSVP). Make sure that all these are correct by checking and rechecking the data before you send them to the printer to avoid paying addition costs on reprinting.

DIY Wedding Invitations

If you decide do make the invitations yourself, the following are the things to keep in mind.

Buy high quality paper and envelope. Since you will do the printing, you can afford to select good kind of paper and envelope. You can also get a DIY kit so will have everything you need to make cheap wedding invitations yourself.

Ask help from family and friends. Include your friends and family members in the wedding preparations by enlisting their help in making the invites. Find someone who can write beautifully so the invitations will have a classic and elegant look. Instead of paying someone to make the design, ask someone you know to do it for you as a wedding present.

Be prepared for last-minute additions. There is always a chance that a guest will be invited at the latest possible moment. Prepare for this contingency by having some paper and envelopes at hand.

Online invites are alternatives to the normal wedding invitations. They are gaining popularity these days especially for those who appreciate a convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly means of communication.

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