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Fun Wedding Ideas

Unique Fun Weddings

Author: Lynn Lopez

The bouquet toss, the garter toss, the sprinkling of rice grains—yup, they’re definitely just a few fun, tried-and-tested wedding rituals, but you probably want your wedding day to have some pretty unique elements. Not only that, but you would also want guests to have a memorable time, so your wedding should have plenty of things they’ll be talking about for years. After all, it’s your big day and you would want to give it your own touches.

Here are some things you can include in your ceremony and reception:

    Instead of marching down the aisle to the tune of Mendelssohn’s “Bridal Chorus”, you can choose to have your favorite instrumental music played. If you really want to be non-traditional, you could even have some bouncy pop music or even rock music playing instead. Mind you, this is bound to surprise a few of your guests.

    Have your wedding planner or a member of your bridal party provide little bubble blowers for your guests while they’re waiting for you to emerge after the ceremony. Bubbles flying in the air lend a very festive mood, plus everyone will have fun blowing them!

    Rent a small photo booth for the reception. Any pictures taken by your guests can serve as instant souvenir items and they also give everyone a chance to loosen up and be more relaxed in photographs.

    Instead of the bouquet and garter toss, think of other games that would be fun for everybody. Doing away with the bouquet and garter toss will make some people more comfortable, especially single people who usually avoid (or even dread) the ritual.

    If you’re having the wedding during some major holidays or occasions, why not decorate the venue with some appropriate items? For example, if you’re having the wedding close to Halloween, you can place small pumpkins in each table’s centerpiece. Just remember not to overdo it and make sure that the look of the event is still distinctly related to the wedding!

    Place a big photograph of you and your husband somewhere in the reception venue and have guests sign it with their wishes and greetings for you two. It will be a very memorable and heartwarming souvenir of the day.

Have a kids’ section for the event. Most of the time, kids find dress-up events like weddings very tedious and are usually bored and tired at the end of it. Let them have a bit of fun by making sure they have their own little area during the event, with plenty of games and food to keep them entertained.

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