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Groom's Formal Attire

By Joanne Elliott

groom's tux photo

The groom's formal attire traditionally consists of a suit and tie, or a cravat (bow tie). The importance of the groom's attire is just as significant as the brides dress. First and foremost the groom should both match and compliment the bride. Of course the bride and her wedding dress should always be the star of the show. But the fact is that the groom's outfit is essential to help the flow of the entire occasion, and to complete the look and overall feeling.

Groom's formal attire basics

A groom's suit is usually made to measure. This is when the suit is tailored, pinned, sewn and specifically constructed to the individuals' specifications and body shape. A made to measure suit can be made from many different fabrics, cloths and patterns. It can also be decided that the lining of the jacket could be constructed of either matching or contrasting fabrics. This is especially useful if the bride is wearing a different color to the groom's suit and they want to match up a specific color.

Made to measure

You can select the groom's formal attire from a huge range of choices, and from hundreds of the world's finest fabrics. If you go to the right places then full time, energy, care and consideration will be taken in order to ensure that the outfit is perfect. On arrival at the tailors, the groom will usually have a one to one consultation. Your own personal requirements and wishes will be discussed, including how you are to go about achieving them. Usually you will be invited to browse a wide selection of fabrics, styles and silhouettes before you make your decision. When you have decided upon the agreed style the pattern cutter will then get to work on creating the garment of your dreams.

Groom Shirts

They type of shirt that the groom chooses can range from traditional long sleeve, to a less traditional short sleeve. The cuffs on a grooms shirt are usally ‘double cuff’ , thereby requiring cuff link. There are also single and double button options available.

There are several different potential tailored cuts for a groom’s formal shirt. Usually the popular choice is a tuxedo style dress shirt. However you can also choose from options including full cut-away, half cut-away, and button-down collars. The right shirt depends entirely upon the cut and silhouette of the groom’s formal attire.

Shirts can be constructed from many different fabrics, but it is usual to choose more luxurious handles, like one hundred per cent cotton, or silk. The color of the shirt should compliment and contrast to the groom’s suit. It should also link in to the color scheme of the wedding in general – most importantly with the bride’s dress.

Ties, cravats and neckwear The groom's neckwear is usually the main source of color in the entire ensemble. This is the main area where the groom can potentially show the most flare and daring. The tie or cravat is usually constructed of sumptuous materials in complimenting or matching colors to the bride's gown. It is important that the choice of neckwear matches the groom's formal suit and shirt selection.

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