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Outdoor Wedding

By Anna Lynn Sibal

How to Stay Beautiful for Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are always beautiful. In outdoor weddings, we get to bathe in the glow of the love the newlyweds have for each other with the beauty of Nature serving as the backdrop. Outdoor weddings are just so romantic that you can almost literally smell the romance in the air.

Unfortunately, outdoor weddings are a challenge to the bride, to her bridesmaids and just about every female in attendance at that wedding. As beautiful as outdoor weddings can be, everyone in that wedding will have to deal with the wind, the heat and the humidity, not to mention bugs and the chance of rain.

How is a bride to stay beautiful if she is getting married in an outdoor setting? If you are one such bride with that question in your head, here are a few things that can help you stay beautiful as you go through your outdoor wedding.

Outdoor wedding
1. Choose a lightweight wedding dress. Wearing a wedding gown in the usual silks and bridal satin will only weigh you down during your outdoor wedding. In a wedding set outdoors, the elements are against you, and you would not want to swelter and be uncomfortable in your dress.

So, instead of heavy silks or satin, choose a dress made with lightweight fabric, such as georgette, linen or crepe. Be careful about the skirt of your dress as well; a tailored skirt is less likely to be blown up by the wind than a wide and flowing skirt.

2. Consider flowers for your headpiece. Instead of wearing a veil, you may want to consider wearing flowers as your headpiece. You can also just wear a single flower tucked behind your ear. Flowers are more in keeping with your outdoor setting, and leaving off the veil will also help you stay cool outdoors. But if you really would like to wear a veil, keep your veil short so that you do not have to sweat under it and so that the veil would not be blown by the wind.

3. Keep your makeup and accessories to a minimum. Heavy makeup, chunky jewelry and big accessories will gradually feel too heavy on you once your outdoor wedding and reception progresses. They will only make you look like you are melting later on. So, just wear light makeup and put on simple and lightweight jewelry and accessories. It may also be a good idea not to wear stockings so you can keep cool and comfortable.

4. Ask your hairstylist to create a durable hairstyle. Your hair will be left to the mercy of the elements during your outdoor wedding, and thus your hairstyle must be resistant to the wind and heat. Ask your hairstylist to create for you an elegant updo that will continue to hold up no matter how windy or hot it is during your wedding.

5. Consider wearing flat shoes or stacked heels. It can be awkward walking on grassy ground or on sand wearing sharp stiletto heels. Your heels may sink into the ground, or you may fall flat on your face and injure yourself in the process. To avoid the awkwardness and the possibility of injury, choose flat shoes or stacked heels instead of high stilettos.

6. Prepare an emergency kit. You will never know what mishaps can happen during your outdoor wedding, and so you must prepare for it. To do this, you should prepare an emergency kit that contains things like band-aid, safety pins, a hairbrush, cotton swabs, wet wipes, lipstick, tampons and other items that may come in handy. Ask one of your bridesmaids to carry it for you during your outdoor wedding.

Bridal Headpiece and Veil

Wedding Hair

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