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Seasonal Wedding Flowers

By Joanne Elliott

The flowers that you choose for your wedding day are very important. There are lots of different things to consider, including color combination, type or variety, scent, shape, and visual representation.

Usually the first thought is the color of the flowers that you will choose for your wedding. Of course they have to tone in with everything else involved within your special day. The flowers that you choose should tone in with the brides wedding dress, the grooms outfit, the wedding favors and also the theme of the entire day.

There are certain colors of flowers that are traditional throughout the year. These are steeped in tradition, but are by no means a strict guideline on the sort of flowers that you and your intended should select.

Flower colors are traditionally grouped into either seasons or actual color groups on the visual palette. Here are some rough guidelines to help you to make the decision about flowers on your special day:

Wedding flower seasonal symbolism


Winter flowers are usually "colder" in color. Frosty tones of cream or white are the traditional choices; from ivory to pale coffee cream. Other wintery themed colors include silvery grays, and icicle blues. Winter flower posies are often tied with ribbon and are fairly hard wearing blooms - they are growing in the cold ...


Autumn flowers are beginning to get warmer, in keeping with the season. As you see the leaves on the tree turning and changing color you can use the inspiration that they bring. Traditional autumn colors are those such as warming burgundies, claret reds, coppers, olive greens, and dark pinks.


Spring flowers are cooler again, but not as cool as the winter palette. Spring colors are fresh and vivid and bright. They include cool colors in hues of baby pink, rich double cream, soft lilac, pale sky blue, minty green, and soft silver tones. Spring flowers are usually delicate and can benefit from mixing and matching the types that you choose.


Summer flowers are the hottest of the bunch. In the summer everything is brighter and far more vivid. Hot summer colors are just that; hot and strong. Traditionally the flower colors of summer include balmy mid-purples, rich peaches, ice whites, baby yellows and pale blues. But they can also include deep majentas, scarlet, vivid yellows and fuscia. Summer flowers don't last as long as the other seasons because of the heat. Be careful that they don't wilt in the summer sun.

Pictures of beautiful wedding flowers

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