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Silk Wedding Flowers

How to Make Silk Wedding Flowers
By Anna Lynn Sibal

Weddings are some of the most memorable events in our lives. When we plan to get married, a lot of us make it a point to have a wedding that is elegant and unforgettable.

It costs money to get married in the grand style, however. With prices skyrocketing, it is only practical to pinch even just a little on our budget when we are planning a wedding. The gorgeous bouquet that we want, for example, does not have to be made of real flowers. More and more brides are opting for silk wedding bouquets nowadays because they are cheaper and more practical.

The Advantages of Using Silk Wedding Flowers

As mentioned above, silk wedding bouquets are cheaper and more practical than bouquets made of real flowers. To be more specific, here are some advantages we can enjoy from using silk wedding flowers.

1. Freedom from seasonal constraints. A common problem among brides is that the flowers they want are not available for the season. If they are, they would cost an arm, maybe more. Using silk flowers frees the bride of seasonal constraints and allows her to use whatever flowers she wants whether her wedding is scheduled in winter, spring, summer or fall.

2. Durability. Silk flowers are not affected by weather and rough handling. Neither do they need to be preserved. Thus, they can withstand a warm-weather wedding without wilting and they will look fresh all the time. A bride making her own bouquet can even make these flowers ahead of time.

3. No allergies. Another beauty of silk flowers is that they do not pose any danger to any member of the wedding party who is allergic to flowers. In fact, if the bride or any of her party is allergic to flowers, silk flowers are the better option.

4. Great keepsakes. It is customary for brides to give gifts to her maid of honor and bridesmaids. In lieu of other gifts, the silk wedding bouquet can do quite nicely.

5. Shows off creativity. When we choose to make silk wedding flowers instead of buying real flowers, we show off our personal creativity.

Types of Silk Wedding Bouquets

When we look at pictures of wedding flowers bouquets, we tend to find so many designs that it seems that there are so many types of them available. In truth, however, there are only three categories of wedding bouquet arrangements. They are:

1. Posy. Posies are simple bouquet arrangements known for their circular shapes.

2. Teardrop. The teardrop bouquet is shaped like a bunch of grapes, wide at the top and tapering to a point down the bottom.

3. Sheath. Sheath bouquets are made with long-stemmed flowers and are carried across the arm.

All other arrangements are a variation of the three and are often added with accessories of the bride’s choice.

Making Your Own Silk Flower Bouquet

If you want to make your own silk wedding bouquet, you will find it to be a very simple task. The only thing that can make the choice complicated is unsolicited advice from parents, friends and relatives. But you should remember that it is your wedding, and your wedding bouquet should reflect the real you.

Here are a few tips you can use to create your own silk wedding bouquet.

  • Browse bridal magazines and websites to get a sense of what you want for your wedding bouquet. Take note of the color, the variety of flowers used, the shape of the bouquet, the size and the accessories.
  • Make sure that your wedding bouquet suits the style and theme of your wedding. The color of the bouquet should also match your skin complexion and your makeup.
  • You are the star of your wedding, so your bouquet should be an accessory. It should not be something that takes the focus away from you, nor should it be something that overshadows your wedding gown.

You can buy ready-made silk flowers from a crafts shop or even a department store. To make your silk wedding bouquet, just bunch them up in the arrangement of your choice, and then bind them together with floral tape. Afterwards, wrap the stem with satin ribbons and add the decorative accents that you want. If you want to sew your own flowers, you can find patterns from sewing books or the Internet.

Making your very own silk wedding flowers is very practical. It is also an excellent way of showing off your creativity.

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