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Unusual Wedding Ideas

By Shara May Tumambing

Unique Side to Weddings - Making it Work

A wedding traditionally draws up images of a long white gown, church bells and a white tiered cake. But nowadays, many couples are adopting unique themes and elements for their big day. From simple deviations to out-of-the-box concepts such as underwater ceremonies, there are lots of unusual wedding ideas you can play with. Most mix it up particularly during the reception, adding a twist to the bouquet toss, wine toast and other traditional practices.

Here are some tips on how you can customize your wedding and make the celebration enjoyable:

    Go for an unconventional venue. You can, for instance, get married abroad. Just make sure you allot time for travel preparations, including the required documents, and the plane and hotel accommodations. Donít forget to help your guests as well. For a scenic option, consider the beach, which is especially picturesque during the sunset or sunrise. But remember to come up with a backup plan, in case the weather gets out of hand on your big day.

    Customize every detail you can to keep the memories alive. Add a personal touch on your invitation, guestbook and keepsakes. Wedding favors, from scented candles to tequila bottles, can be made to reflect the artistic tastes and other interests of the couple. You can even rent a photo booth and hand out your guestsí pictures as a special souvenir. To spice up your guestbook, consider leaving Polaroid cameras on the tables to encourage guests to take photos that they can place next to the messages they write down.

    Be artistic with the whole theme. Think old Hollywood, fairytales or even Halloween. Then dress up the part (just make sure your religious sect and the ceremony site are open to the idea of the bride not wearing the traditional long, white gown). With an old Hollywood wedding, for instance, the bride can wear a short dress in red, while the groom dons a tux. Remember to incorporate the theme in the reception as well. Start with the color palette. Classic hues such as gold, white, cream, silver, and black lend a serious and elegant feel. Colors that evoke romance include red, hot pink, and purple.

    Creativity can also come across in your choice of cake. There are plenty of cake houses that offer cakes customized not only in flavor but also in shape and color. Cakes can be designed with the face of the couple. Or be topped with bride and groom figurines in quirky and fun poses such as a drunken groom being dragged by the bride, or a couple sitting on top of their luggage.

    Make the reception set-up and program unusual as well. Instead of the traditional tables and chairs with the VIPs near the couple, try a different arrangement. For a venue in a hotel, you can introduce sofas for a cocktail party feel, or have tables for two that can seat other couples. If the reception is under the sun, a picnic-style gathering would be wonderful. A red carpet with tarpaulin is another nice addition, giving guests a spot where they can have their pictures taken with the couple. For celebrations in a resort, incorporate a unique flair via floating candles on the pool or a boat ride for guests. Unconventional table centerpieces can also bring in a different aura. Instead of one large centerpiece, place single-stem flowers around the table. These can also double as keepsakes. After the toast, consider lighting up a parasol and letting it float in the air for a more romantic ambiance.

Just as society has evolved and each generation becomes more open to bucking tradition, weddings are seeing different innovations. But despite the new trends, the essence of weddings has remained the same, with couples committed to celebrating the promise of eternal love.

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