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Wedding Centerpiece

Adorable Wedding Centerpiece Ideas that will Wow your Guests

By Wendi Garcia

Wedding is one complex event. It requires careful planning and elaborate preparations. From major aspects like venue and catering to the smallest details like the table centerpiece, you have to think about everything to ensure that you have the perfect wedding you have always dreamed of.
Now, if you have already decided on most of the things for your wedding but you are still wondering what to use for the table centerpiece, here are some adorable ideas that you would surely love.

Amazing DIY Projects

Contrary to what most people think, do-it-yourself table centerpieces are not only for the crafty bride. In fact, if you browse online you will find lots of resources on easy-to-do wedding centerpieces that are beautiful, elegant, and unique. Not to mention, you would also give a big relief to your pockets since these projects are very inexpensive.

One good example would be mason jars, which you can wrap with colorful tissue or handmade paper and adorn with ribbon or raffia. Put some glorious flower blooms and voila, an instant eye-candy centerpiece! You and your bridesmaids would surely love creating these pieces.

Eco-Chic Materials

For the couple who want to reduce, reuse and recycle, eco-chic table centerpieces would be the perfect choice. Small potted flower plants, pots of edible herbs, assorted topiaries, pots of potpourri or dried flowers and leaves, and secondhand bowls or vases filled with fruits are some of the best kinds of eco-chic table centerpieces that any guest would love.

Sweet Edible Treats

Anybody who has a sweet tooth will love the idea of having sweet edible treats in the middle of the table. A chocolate fountain, a jar of chocolates and candies, or a small version of the wedding cupcake tower are few of the many options you can consider for your reception.

Double Purpose Items

Practical and functional - these are what these table centerpieces are all about. Instead of simply being a decoration, they serve other purpose as well. For example, you can have a cupcake tower in the middle of the table but instead of placing cupcakes, you can put mini flowerpots instead with a note that says, "Take me home" so guests know that the centerpiece doubles as a wedding favor. You can also have glamorous table centerpieces that also serve as table place cards.

Enchanting Candles

Floating candles, soy candles, votive candles, candles in mason jars, candles in beach lanterns—when it comes to candle centerpieces, the choices are truly endless. Pick whatever you think is most suitable for the kind of wedding theme that you are planning to have. The great thing about this type of table decoration is that it is beautiful and stunning. At the same time, it adds romance to the ambience.

Table centerpieces may not be among the most important things on your list. In fact, they may take a backseat behind catering, entertainment, ceremony venue, and other major wedding aspects. However, you must never overlook this detail, as this will serve as the highlight or focal point of the guests' table decoration.

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