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Wedding DJ

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ before Hiring

Music is an essential element to setting the mood in a wedding ceremony and reception. Without the right music, you will not be able to create the romantic and festive ambiance in your wedding. This is why it is important for you to be careful when hiring a wedding DJ.

All too often, we hear of horror stories about how an amateur wedding DJ ruined the mood in a wedding reception simply because they did not play the songs that the bridal couple wanted or because the equipment they used stopped working in the middle of the reception. You can avoid all the hassles associated with hiring a wedding DJ if you know what questions to ask them before you hire them.

While there are so many questions that you can ask a wedding DJ about their work, here are four basic questions that you should not forget when you talk to them before hiring.

1. Are you a professional DJ? When hiring a wedding DJ, make sure that the DJ is a professional and is a member of associations like the American Disk Jockey Association or ADJA. A professional wedding DJ will only be too happy to show you proof of their membership to ADJA.

Also, a professional DJ will also be willing to show you references from previous clients. They will also have a public liability insurance in case someone has an accident with their equipment.

2. Can you play the songs on my playlist? Before you scout for a wedding DJ, you and your fiancé should make up your minds about what songs you want to play during the ceremony and during the reception. It can be your favorite songs or songs that you found meaningful to your relationship.

Once you have come up with your songs, you should make up a playlist and present them to your DJ candidates. A professional wedding DJ should have the songs that you want in their repertoire or else has legal sources where they can get the songs.

3. What equipment do you use? A professional wedding DJ will have made a serious investment on the equipment they use on the job, and they will show a lot of enthusiasm in talking about them. They are not just people who play mp3 files on a laptop or an iPod when they work. They will have the full gamut of top-of-the-line DJ equipment such as speakers, cordless microphones and the like. High-end brands of DJ equipment include ElectroVoice, OSC, JBL and Crown.

4. Do you have a backup system in case of emergencies? It is always a disaster if the sound system fails all of a sudden in the middle of the wedding ceremony or reception. A professional wedding DJ who really has the chops to do their job will have a backup system in place in case a technical problem comes up in the middle of the affair.

Selecting the right wedding DJ for your wedding ceremony and reception is a serious task. If you want to create a truly romantic ambiance in your wedding, you should pick a wedding DJ who really knows their job.

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