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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Short-Haired Brides

By Anna Lynn C. Sibal

Do you have short hair and you do not have enough time to let your hair grow long enough for an upswept hairdo in time for your wedding? Never fear; even if you have short hair, you can still look fabulous on your wedding day. You do not have to be a long-locked bride in order to look stylish and elegant on the day you say "I do."

You actually have a few advantages with your short hair that you can enjoy the most on your wedding day. You just need to play up these advantages and plan ahead so that you will have the best hairstyle you can get for your wedding day.

The Advantages of Short Wedding Hairstyles

So, what advantages can you get by having short hair on your wedding day? For one, it will take your hairdresser a lot less time to style it. Rare is the bride who is ever willing to sit still for two hours while her hair and makeup is being done on her wedding day. At least with your short hair, you will not have to contain your nervousness or impatience to get your hair and makeup done.

Another advantage that you can enjoy by having short hair on your wedding day is that you can have a no-fuss hairstyle. It is a hairstyle that you can hold together through the course of your wedding day, even if your wedding is an outdoor affair or held at the beach, or even if you dance the night away.

Short Wedding Hairstyle Tips

As mentioned above, you need to plan your wedding hairstyle months before your wedding. The best way by which you can plan your wedding hairstyle is to consider your bridal gown and whatever headpiece you choose to wear. You should always aim for a unified look, with your hairstyle, your headpiece and your jewelry complementing the style of your gown.

For example, if your gown has a slim silhouette, a sleek hairstyle may be the best match for your gown. If your gown has a lot of volume in flounces and embellishments, then you can try something more elaborate like a halo of curls around your face.

Should you wear a veil with your short wedding hairstyle? Why not, if that is what you want? You can wear a veil that frames your face or flows behind your back, depending on the style of your gown. The late Princess Diana wore a veil for her wedding to Prince Charles, and back then she had short hair that framed her face. But if you do not want a veil, you can use a tiara or a headband. You can also pin your hair with pretty barrettes.

The formality of your wedding ceremony and reception is another thing you should consider for your wedding. If it is a beach wedding or a garden wedding held during the day, you may want something more chic and casual. If it is a formal ceremony and reception, then you may want to go with something more elegant and elaborate.

You should also work closely with your hairstylist in figuring out what hairstyle you can wear for your wedding day. Your hairstylist's input will be invaluable if you are having difficulties in deciding how to dress your short hair for your big day.

Suggestions for Wedding Hairstyles for Your Short Hair

So, what kind of hairstyles can you wear with your short hair on your wedding day? It depends on what you want. Halle Berry wore her short hair in layered curls for her big day. As mentioned above, Princess Diana had her hair frame her face; she also wore the famous Spencer tiara underneath her veil.

If you want a sleek and elegant look for a formal wedding reception, you can style your short hair with bangs or a side part and wear a jeweled tiara or headband over it. You can also wear your hair in a halo of curls similar to the style made famous by Marilyn Monroe.

If your wedding is a casual affair or a beach wedding, you can wear it in a style that is more carefree. A windswept look, for instance, would be perfect for such a wedding. Or, you can part your hair and hold it together with jeweled barrettes under a short veil.

There are so many wedding hairstyle ideas that you can use for your short hair. As long as you aim for a unified look, seek help with your stylist and express your own individuality, you will be able to shine at your wedding even with short hair.

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