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Wedding in Hawaii

Hawaii exotic wedding

A Wedding in Hawaii
By Anna Lynn Sibal

The fans of Elvis Presley would know that “The Hawaiian Wedding Song” is one of the King’s most popular songs. This song celebrates the union of two hearts in matrimony under the blue and shining skies of Hawaii.

Hawaii has long been a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons. The tropical paradise of Hawaii – the romance brought by the sun, the sea and the beach – has attracted thousands of couples from all over the world to tie the knot in the islands and start a new beginning together. Many couples choose to fly their families into Hawaii for their destination wedding, while others get married with just the bride and groom alone present during the ceremony.

It is easy to get married in Hawaii. The couple only needs to fly there. However, there are legalities that must be observed and documents that need to be filed. One document in particular is the application for a marriage license. This document is obtained from Hawaii’s Department of Health. The application must be done in person and costs $60 as of this writing. The great thing about it is that there is no required waiting time to get the license, and no blood test is necessary as well.

If the couple wants a religious ceremony, they can have that. Various denominations are represented in the islands, so the couple will not have a problem finding a priest or a minister or whichever cleric of their religion to get them married.

As for the wedding reception, couples have a number of options to take to get this arranged. Brides who prefer to get everything done by themselves can fly to the islands earlier and make all the necessary arrangements. This requires a lot of familiarity with the services available on the islands, but it would be no trouble if the bride has been to Hawaii several times. The same applies if she has family or friends living in Hawaii.

Most brides, however, are not like that. For a totally headache-free wedding, they hire the services of wedding coordinators, and there are many of these in Hawaii. Hiring a wedding coordinator is more convenient for the bride who is not a resident or a frequent visitor to the islands. A wedding coordinator is supposed to know how things work in Hawaii, especially with services and businesses related to weddings. Such a wedding coordinator can even score a few discounts for the bride and groom.

There are couples who nonetheless opt to get married and have their honeymoon in Hawaii and plan to hold their wedding reception when they get back home. This is a very practical approach. At least in this way, couples would not feel the need to fly their families into the islands for the celebration and they can save a lot of money in turn. Relatives can simply share the joy when the couple returns from the honeymoon.

Hawaii is a popular destination for weddings not only because it is beautiful and romantic in the islands, but more because it is easy to get married there. A couple can always enjoy a hassle-free start to their matrimonial life in Hawaii.

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