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Wedding Venues

14 Wonderful Choices on Wedding Reception Venues

By Wendi Garcia

Many say that the ceremony is the more significant part of the wedding because this is where the couple exchanges their vows and makes a lifetime commitment to each other. Not only that, this is also where the bride makes that momentous walk down the aisle that leaves no dry eye in the venue.

But if you think about it, the reception is just as important too. The reception, which is the more laid-back and relaxing part of the celebration, is where the bride and groom can let loose, have fun, and enjoy their first party as a wedded couple with the people who matter most to them.

With this said, it is only right that the couple chooses the perfect venue for their wedding reception. If you are tying the knot anytime soon and you still have not decided on this matter, this list below that enumerates 14 wonderful reception venue choices will certainly be a big help.

1. Hotel

If you want a hassle-free reception preparation, a hotel is the right option for you because it is already prepared to host big events such as this. A hotel can provide you with everything you need from the food to the service staff, from the catering supplies to the entertainment equipment.

2. Restaurant

Restaurants are the inexpensive option that is ideal for small and intimate wedding receptions. Some restaurants even have outdoor areas such as patios and gardens that can provide a romantic setting for this particular celebration.

3. Garden

For a couple who loves the outdoors, a garden reception is the ideal choice. The beauty of a garden wedding lies on the wondrous elements of nature such as trees, flowers, and bushes that can be used as decor for the event.

4. Beach

What can be more romantic than a reception held in a beach with the sunset and waves crashing on the sand as your backdrop? Beach receptions are fun, exciting, laid-back, relaxing, and most of all, inexpensive! It is no wonder beach weddings have become very popular over the recent years.

5. Backyard

For a couple who is looking into saving money with the reception venue, their home backyard can be the perfect venue to hold the reception. It also gives the couple the freedom to decorate the place the way they want.

6. Theater

This is not so much of a common choice, which all the more makes it the perfect option for a couple who wants their wedding to spell the words, “unique” and “one-of-a-kind.”

7. Historical site

Holding a reception in a historical site like a historical building or a museum is also a unique and creative approach. Museums are what you should go for if you want to give the event a touch of history and artistry at the same time.

8. Cruise

Ah, the love boat! Whether it is a huge cruise ship, a small yatch, or something in between, holding a reception in a boat during a cruise is always worth remembering. The tranquil waters, spectacular view of sunset, and the enchanting moonlit sky are more than enough to mesmerize your guests.

9. Casino

Now, if you are about fun, thrill, and excitement, the casino is the place for you. Guests would enjoy gambling and playing games. No one would ever dare to call your reception, boring!

10. Zoos

The zoo is the answer to your venue problems if you and your future beau are nature and animal lovers. This option would certainly add a touch of “wild” to the celebration.

11. Castle

If there is anything about castles that make couples want to get married in this setting, it is probably the feeling of royalty that one associates with this type of wedding celebration. It makes you feel like you are a princess from Scotland or England.

12. Lighthouse

Again, if you want your wedding to be different, the lighthouse is yet another beautiful option that can give your reception a historical, classical, and creative touch.

13. Waterfalls

If you think beach weddings have become the norm, why not go for the next best thing? That is no other than the waterfalls. It gives you the same natural beauty and tranquility. A polular one is Niagara Falls

14. Mountain Top

Marrying your one true love certainly gives you the feeling as if you are on top of the world. Take that to a more literal level by holding the wedding reception on top of a mountain. Surely, the view will be breathtaking and everyone will have a grand time.

Choosing the reception venue is an important part of the wedding planning but at the end of the day, it is really who you marry that makes the whole event lovely and memorable.

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