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Wedding Dresses

By Joanne Elliott

wedding dress

It has to be said that ever since a lady was a little girl she always wondered what her wedding dress would look like. And now that the decision is there to be made it is obviously very confusing, daunting and exciting for everyone involved. Of course you want to look the very best that you can look on your special day, and there are several ways that you can make sure that you achieve this goal.

What color wedding dress should I choose?

The color of your wedding dress is usually the first place to start when you are making your decision on what to wear. Often women are very confused as to what color they should go for. Traditionally weddings are themed in white, cream or ivory. But the fact is if your skin coloring doesn't suit the lighter shades of pale, then don't do it! I often get ladies from all over the world asking me what colors they should choose for their wedding. And the answer is always the same… think about what colors suit you, and what colors you like. Despite appearances there are no hard and fast rules. Never forget that this is YOUR day, and you should just go right ahead and do what you what to do. Whatever makes you happy!

What shape wedding dress should I choose?

The shape of the wedding dress that you should choose is entirely dependent on your figure. All women are different, and certain shapes suit them better than others. The shape of your wedding dress is actually far more important that the color. It's exactly the same as dressing to go out for a meal somewhere, or to go to the opera or a film premiere. For the best results you need to get into the mindset of a film star… or rather, the film stars' wardrobe designers. You should pick out a dress that suits your body shape – one that accentuates your figure and conceals any lumps and bumps.

Wedding dress shapes explained

A-line - The A-line wedding dresses have fitted vertical seams running down the length of the garment. This means that the dress is tight at the waist and flares out towards the bottom part of the skirt.

Empire line - Empire line dresses are tight beneath the bust and are higher than the a-line cut of cloth. The seam lies just beneath the bust for a more structured look.

Ball gown - Ball gown wedding dresses are traditionally full length and very full and wide. Ball gown dresses usually have very structured, fitted and boned bodices.

Sheath - Sheath wedding dresses are very straight and simple. They usually flow to the floor and skim the body.

Mermaid - Mermaid dresses have a kick at the bottom where the fabric is much fuller. The top half of the dress hugs the figure and accentuates voluptuousness.

Strapless - Strapless wedding dresses are just that – they don't require support over the shoulder. Strapless wedding dresses must be made well and be supported by good bridal underwear to make certain that the bride is both comfortable and secure throughout the ceremony.

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