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Wedding Hair

How To Have The Perfect Hair On Your Wedding Day

By Anna Lynn C. Sibal

It is an absolute must for a bride to look her best on her wedding day. Everything about her person must be immaculate, if not perfect, from the tips of her toes to the crown of her head, from her shoes to her wedding gown and her veil. The wedding day is the day a bride must be at her most beautiful.

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, and thus a bride should get her hair to tip-top shape on the big day. The day she is to be wedded is not a time for hair disasters, so a bride-to-be must be careful in choosing what style to wear for her hair on that day. There are two things she must seriously consider in choosing her bridal hairstyle, and these are the style of her gown and the accessories she will wear.

The hairstyle that a bride should choose must match the style of her gown. A strapless number will not be set off to its full advantage with hair streaming down the bride’s shoulders. Neither does a French twist match a dress with a medieval theme. The formality of the dress must also be taken into account. A sophisticated upswept do would look smashing for a formal wedding gown, but it would be overkill for a dress designed for a garden wedding or a beach wedding. Also consider the neckline: would you be better off with your hair down or your hair up, given the neckline of your dress?

Aside from the gown, the veil and the accessories that the bride will wear should also be a matter of consideration for the bride when she chooses her hairstyle. A bride can be versatile with her accessories, but one thing is for certain: her hairstyle must go appropriately with her veil and her accessories. The rule of thumb here is for the bride-to-be to do her hair in the way she wants it to be in during the wedding when trying out for accessories, just to see if they fit.

But what are styles, accessories and whatnot if the hair is not at its best condition? Brides and dull hair simply do not go together. A woman to be wed should ensure the shine of her hair months before the wedding, simply by starting a regimen of regular conditioning. She may experiment with hair conditioning products if she must, but she must do it weeks or months before, and not at the eve of her wedding. As mentioned above, a wedding day is not a day for bad hair or allergic reactions.

Here are some other important things that a bride should mind about her hair in preparation for the big day:

  • It is alright for the bride to experiment with hairstyles before making her final choice. However, she should decide on how she should wear her hair before she picks her veil and headpiece. Also, once she has made her decision, she should stick to it.
  • She should start on a hair regimen that will make her hair glow with health at least six months before the wedding. The hair should be trimmed and its present color touched up two weeks before the wedding.
  • She should choose a style that will be easy to maintain, will not droop or get blown out of place by the wind in case of an outdoor wedding. In addition, she should not overdo with the hair extensions or accessories, or else people would think it is the hair that is going to get married and not you.

In a wedding, the bride is the star, the focus of all eyes. It is the one day for her to shine, and she should shine her brightest.

wedding hair The aristocratic wedding of Laura Parker-Bowles at St. Cyriac's Church in Lacock, Wiltshire, UK.
Photographer: R. Stonehouse © CAMERA PRESS/ Retna Ltd.

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