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Picnic Wedding

The Picnic Wedding

Submitted by: Mary Benavides

Bridesmaids in a floral theme, each carrying a basket, instead of or with wildflowers. Have this in a park - the food, of course would be picnic fare! (Very casual, affordable and relaxing!) The ceremony could be held there too, no need for guest to travel from ceremony to reception. But it would still be nice even if you did decide to go from a ceremony location to the picnic.

Table setting? Have a picnic table with picnic baskets each containing a gingham cloth, plates, cups, etc, and the meal (fried chicken, corn on the cob, cubed melons and beverage, and a candle of course) The guest choose the basket (they are all the same, so it does not matter) and they choose where they wish to sit, by a tree, out in the open, etc. Think about it, the basket might be 20 bucks each (including the utensils and dishes), and this would be per two people.
The food you could pick up prepared at the grocery if you did not feel up to the bother of preparing it yourself, there would be no fee for flatware, dishes, or hall.
No centerpieces to worry about, nature would take care of the beauty naturally.
No seating arrangements, or table cards to deal with. Not to mention, how relaxing!
The wedding cake? How about tiered cake stands with slices of pie on it (apple of course, and blue berry, peach, etc). How much less expensive than an ornate wedding cake no one remembers or sees? They will remember the pies!
How About Music? You could either go with a violinist, guitarist, flutist, or a combo, or you could do true picnic style and get a boom-box or pull a vehicle up and blare the music from the vehicle! This depends on if you want a more elegant picnic or a "normal" picnic. Either way, Have fun with it!
Entertainment? Have some of those rental boats available, for guest to go and enjoy.

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